Your name or any nicknames you have?


Where are you at in the world? Where will you be fishing this year?

I moved down from Vail about 7 months ago and now live in the Denver area with my 3-½ year old son.  This year I will be fishing primarily in Colorado and Wyoming. I hope to make it down towards the San Juans, as I am still unfamiliar with that part of the state.

What river(s) and lake(s) do you guide/fish?

I’m not a guide. I fish a variety of rivers and lakes that span from Colorado to Northern Wyoming.  I frequent the more popular rivers during the late fall/winter and tend to hike more and get off the beaten path during the spring/summer.

How long have you been guiding/fly fishing?

Roughly 10 years

What got you into fly fishing? When did you start? 

Growing up, I spent a good amount of my summers rafting or up at the family cabin so I was always near the river. My dad taught me to fly fish at a very young age and I grew up doing it every summer. I got away from it when basketball became a year round sport in middle and high school, and then got back into it when a friend started to show interest my third year at CSU.  It was around that time that fly fishing became my new year round hobby. I’ve been fly fishing quite religiously for the last 5 years now.

Why do you fly fish?  What does it “do” for you?

When it comes down to it, I have three main reasons why I fish.  The first reason I fish is to be alone. When I fish solo I tend to reflect, enjoy nature, unwind, learn, and improve my skills.  I often try different flies and techniques when I’m by myself compared to when I’m with others. Second, I fish for sport. This usually involves, good company, competition, beer, and the occasional game of grab ass.  For me, it’s hard to fish with people I know and not compare my skills to them. With similar equipment, everyone is at the same advantage and I think fly fishing is one of those hobbies/sports where skill truly shows or it lacks.  I really enjoy this kind of fishing. It’s also hard to beat long fishing trips with people you just enjoy being around. Lastly, I fish just because I know how. I am an outdoorsy person in general and do a lot besides fish. More often than not, wherever I end up I’m usually surrounded by water.  Fishing is one more thing to experience in the places that I find myself.

If you own and use a Rod Vault, what do you like about your Rod Vault?

In appropriate words for this blog, the Rod Vault is the bee’s knees. The time it takes me to get ready for the river is cut down significantly.  It is one less thing to worry about and is a place I can put my rod and know that it is safe and secure. Maybe I just have bad luck, but I’ve seen way too many rods break when setting up or breaking down.  The rod vault eliminates a lot of this risk. Going on trips without it also really makes you realize how much you use it and take for granted the amount of time it saves. Since none of my friends have one, the only downside to owning a rod vault is that it usually means I’m the one driving.

What is a piece of advice you want to give to other anglers or a tip/trick that has helped you grow as an angler?

Put in the time.

Who has influenced you most as an angler?

I remember very vividly, every few summers, my Dad and I would hike up this creek canyon to ‘the big hole’ that his father once took him and his brothers to when they were younger.  We would hike what seemed like forever up this canyon and fish our way back. We’d catch an absurd amount of fish, but fishing was probably what we spent the least amount of time doing.  We hiked, got lost, ate lunch, shared stories, and crossed the water in places we likely shouldn’t have. It was much more than fishing, yet the whole reason we left the house was to go catch some fish. Hopefully that makes sense.  It was trips like these that became so influential to me as a fisherman and an outdoorsman. I learned to just like being outside and fishing was just a bonus. He unintentionally instilled in me that this was something I want to pass down to my son.  I want to give my son some of the same experiences of fishing that I can still remember as if they were yesterday. A lot of close people have influenced me as an angler. The most influential though has been my Dad. Both of my parents taught me to love the outdoors, but he taught me how to fish.  

What’s your favorite new piece of gear?

I value all of my gear because without each item, obviously, I would be lacking something.  It has also been a while since I have had a “new” piece of gear. Sure, I need and value my waders, net, and pack.  All three of those are game changers. For me, when I think of all my different necessities and things I enjoy having while I fish, I love my ECHO Edge 8’ 4wt paired with a 3tand TF-40 reel.

What is your favorite fly? (To tie, or catch fish on?)

My favorite fly to tie is a girdle bug (aka pats rubber legs). I also enjoy fishing them, however, my favorite flies to fish are streamers.  If you’re fishing with me, I’m most likely throwing meat. My favorite is Kelly Galloup’s tan Peanut Envy.

Best catch of all time?

That is a tough one.  I have caught a lot of fish that I consider to be my best catch because they were all different fish, in different scenarios, and in different rivers.  My go to I guess, would be the biggest brown I have ever caught. I was fishing for brook trout in a small beaver pond creek at sundown in June. I came to a deep run and watched the water for a moment.  I started to see this huge shadow moving in the water and instantly tied on the biggest streamer I had, which at the time was a white sex dungeon (another favorite streamer). First cast with the streamer on and he took it instantly.  I never got a tape on this fish, but in true fishing fashion I like to believe this male was close to, if not at, the desired 30” mark.

What's your "Dream Trip"?

I have a lot of bucket list trips still to pursue, some I doubt I will ever get to live out.  I would love to fish the Kamchatka River or chase GTs some day.

What are some of the best places you’ve been fishing?

I fish a lot of places that are recognized by everyone, as well as, a lot of places that are secrets to most.  All of them are great places I enjoy fishing. The best places I’ve been fishing, however, I will choose to keep to myself.

How do people follow you on social media or reach you?

IG: trout_tacos

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