My nick name was given to me by some friends I used to fly fish with back in Tennessee. They called me the “trout sniper” and it just kinda stuck.

I live in Littleton, Co. I love fishing all over the place and for ALL species of fish. This year planning to fish the Kanas City area, Montana, Wyoming, Florida, Maine and Guatemala.

I looooove the South Platte River. All of it! You will always find me there. From the Dream all the way down to downtown.

I have been fly fishing since 1992. I have been guiding since 2011-2016. 

I got into fly fishing because of the movie A River Runs Through It. Sounds cliché but what can you do? The movie came out in 1992 and I went to Walmart and bought a cheap rod and that was it! Been trying to catch everything that swims on the fly ever since.

The reason I fly fish is because of friends. I love nothing better than being on the water laughing, joking and watching my friends rail fish. If you have ever fished with me you will know exactly what I mean.

I have owned 3 Rod Vaults. I have only 1 left on my truck. I love it because I can rig at home and have it ready to go when I am at the river. Saves time for me to help my buddies who have to rig their rods.

My piece of advice for anglers is to have FUN!!! No need to be so serious! Fly fishing is supposed to be something that you enjoy and fills the void of the daily grind. Sometimes it’s just not about the fish. It’s the beauty you are surrounded by, the laughs on the way to and from the river in the truck with your friends, it’s spending time with your kids and family making memories that they can tell to their kids about. Lastly, fish with people who are better anglers than you. Be open to their techniques and ask questions.

The person that has influenced me the most is probably John Packer at Fly Fishing Outfitters. I went to their guide school and it changed me as an angler and laid the foundation for my style of guiding. Also the movie Hustle and Fish by Rollcast Productions. That movie make me reset and enjoy being on the water.

Favorite gear is my Simms G4Z waders.

My favorite fly to catch fish on is a slumpbuster.

My best catch of all time was a permit last year in Belize. So awesome!!!

My dream trip would be to load up my airstream camper with about 5 of my buddies and just drive. Drive to wherever and fish along the way.

Best places I have ever fished are North Carolina at North Mills River, Cayman Islands, Red fishing in Louisiana and Belize.

People can reach me on Instagram at @thetroutsniper
Facebook Rob Griggs.

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