This past week we asked “What are Your Top Fly Fishing Resolutions For 2016?”, through our email list and social media. We received so many great emails and messages from hundreds of people! We know how busy life gets for all of us, and here at Denver Outfitters our mantra has always been “More Time Fishing”.  That simple goal of more time fishing is a HUGE part of why we make the Rod Vault and why so many people love it. The truth however, is that things like “more time fishing” are often a result of setting real goals and good planning. Today we’d like to cover the top 5 most submitted fly fishing new years resolutions we received!

#5. Learn How to Fly Fish

It’s simple enough. If you’re going to do any amount of fly fishing in 2016 you’ll have to learn how! Our emails and social media reach thousands of people we’ve met along our journey, so it’s not surprising that many who follow along are just getting into fly fishing. We had a ton of people write and tell us that 2016 was the year they were going to take up fly fishing, and we couldn’t be more excited to have new people discovering the joy of fly fishing! Which brings us to resolution #4.

#4. Teach Someone to Fly Fish

Many of the resolutions we read involved teaching someone else to fly fish. From wives and kids to husbands and friends, more often than not the anglers we heard from had someone they were going to get into fly fishing this year. We can’t think of a better goal to set for 2016 than to introduce someone to the experience of fly fishing. So pick your person or two or three and make it a point this year to spread the love!

#3. Catch “That” Fish

For some it’s their first catch of that certain kind of fish. For others it’s to catch one just a little bigger than last year. Others have a more specific goal, like Justin, who’s goal is to catch a 24″+ fish within 5 miles of his house. Countless anglers mentioned catching fish in a certain stream or lake they were planning to fish this year. The specifics of the goals are numerous, but the point remains that there is a certain allure to going after a new and specific experience on the water in 2016.

#2. Get That Gear

We all have that list of what we want next. Whether it’s that next rod and reel, or a Flycraft boat to take you to the best spot possible, we read hundreds of wish lists for the gear some will buy in 2016. Fly fishing, like most things, is made better with the right tools! Of course we hope that everyone will have a Rod Vault on their list in 2016, but regardless of what you’re saving for we know that throughout the coming year we all want to level up with some new gear.

#1. More Time Fishing

Lastly, and most obviously it’s almost universally a goal for all anglers to spend more time fishing in 2016! Out of the goals that folks shared with us almost all of them included a point to spend more time on the water. For some it was specific to fishing more places than ever before. For others it was as specific as the exact days they’ll spend on the water. We know that good planning and great friends to fish with are big factors in getting us out on the water more. However, since this is the Denver Outfitters blog we’d be amiss not to mention that owning a Rod Vault is one of the best ways to spend more time fishing. Regardless of how much time you spent fishing in 2015 we encourage you to set a goal to make it MORE in 2016!

So that’s our top 5!

We couldn’t possibly cover all the goals shared with us in this short blog. Many anglers mentioned writing or publishing a book, launching their guiding careers and hundreds of other great fly fishing goals. We encourage you to take a minute today and make up your top 5 fly fishing resolutions for 2016. Then keep us posted on how they turn out this coming year!

From all of us at Denver Outfitters we’re wishing you a Happy New Year!

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