Review 1-01


Makes fishing a roadside creek so much easier! Especially with clients, slap the rod up in the titan and roll to the next hole! I actually named mine TITUS.. Great product!!!

Dylan Cooke
Centerville Fly Shop || Anderson SC

Review 2-01

As a full time saltwater captain the Rod Vault has truly saved me invaluable time. No wasted time rigging and re-rigging rods for customers. I spend over 200 days a year on the water and having my rods with me everywhere I go is no longer a challenge! Thanks Denver Outfitters for a great product!

Capt. Seth Vernon
Wilmington NC

Review 3-01I got my first Rod Vault about a year ago for the convenience of not having to rig up when I got to the river and for travel between holes or rivers. Got my second vault about a month ago because of how impressed I was with the first. I carry a lot of sticks and now I can carry my friends’ and families rods and am not waiting for them rig up. I keep my sticks in them year round, ready to go, whether it’s July or January, I’m always ready to make the most of a fishing day.

The Rod Vault is secure and I’ve never had any worries leaving it parked overnight or in a busy lot loaded with rods. Really easy to install, I can assemble and have it mounted on my truck in under an hour, all tools are supplied, just pop a beer and it’s done by the time you finish it. If you are serious about slinging flies, I highly recommend one, or two.

Troy Anderson

Fort Collins, CO

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