The season of cold and slower – let’s go fishing …

As the season of cold and slow — or slower — begins, we start to think about the seasons further ahead to light the reflections of times well fished, traveled, and more.

What will come to replicate, replace — if possible — or revive that future filled with hope and memories lived?
The whirl of fly line through the ferrules of your rod brings many a placing moment.
You strip line off your reel as much as you reel it in — it’s a process.
Casting itself is an act of positivity. Funny, that word, “positivity,” but it applies here.
We focus on what works for us, unconsciously, mostly.
What can be startling is the actual place you put yourself when you fish, when the days are getting shorter, not longer.
A sharp coldness comes with it — yes, like cold water to the face first thing after a restful night.
Finding yourself fishing when the water is often warmer than the air — well, it can give you pause.
And it should.
First, why the hell am I standing in a river when it’s cold and windy, and I could be at home in a comfortable heap watching whatever suits me on the video stream and ingesting pleasant food and drink?
Second, I just caught a fish, and it erases thoughts from the first.
This does happen.
Fly-fishing is a vehicle anyone can ride in; how that ride goes, well, is really up to you.
Choices, man, choices, but always great to have the choice to have them.
Keep fishing. Keep on fishing.

Maybe I will see you on the water.


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