Sara Cochran #FlyGalFriday Featured AnglerDo you have a nick name(s)?

No nick name, its just Sara 🙂

Where are you at in the world?

I work for the “Cougars” at Washington State University as an Athletic Equipment Manager.

Where would you be fishing this year?

I’m pretty spoiled living here in the Pacific Northwest where there are many options of rivers and lakes to choose from. My plans this year are to fly fish and float the Yakima, Blackfoot and Clarkfork rivers as well as casting for Tiger Muskies in North Central Washington State.

Sara Cochran #FlyGalFriday Featured AnglerWhat river(s) and lake(s) do you guide/fish?

I’m not a guide but I enjoy seeking new waters to fly fish. Some of my favorite places to fish are on the St.Joe, Coeur d’Alene, Spokane and just discovered an awesome lake in Washington, fly fishing for Lahontan Cutthroat.

How long have you been guiding/fly fishing?

Fly fishing has been in and out of my life for many years but my passion for the sport rekindled about two and half years ago when I joined Spokane Women on the Fly (SWOTF).  I have made some wonderful friends through the group which makes fly fishing even more fun.

Sara Cochran #FlyGalFriday Featured AnglerWhat got you into fly fishing?  When did you start?

My dad got me into fly fishing when I was 10 years old. He gave me a custom made rod which I’m still using today.  Dad would take my sister and I out on a private lake, in float tubes, waders and flippers that were way to big for us, but we loved it.  I can still picture those memories to this day and I’m so thankful for my dad taking the time to show me the sport of fly fishing.  He is my best fishing buddy!

How can the fly fishing industry and community encourage more women to get involved?

Spokane Women on the Fly, for example has helped many women branch out and try something new, to ask questions and feel comfortable because they are accepted no matter what their level of fly fishing is.  My suggestion would be for more fly shops to host a women’s clinic.

Sara Cochran #FlyGalFriday Featured AnglerWhat’s your favorite new piece of gear?

This winter I co-purchased a two person pontoon boat and WOW has it opened a whole new window of fly fishing opportunity.

Best catch of all time?

This is hard one cause I feel every catch is a great catch, however, last fall landing my first wild and hatchery Steelhead on the Grande Ronde river was so exciting!  And, this year catching my first wild native Redband Rainbow on the Columbia was pretty awesome!

What’s your “Dream Trip”?

Oh my gosh, there are so many places I want to go!  For instance, the Baja Peninsula for Roosterfish and Dorado and then Permit and Bone fish in Belize.  I also, think it would be fun to travel the United States and fly fish in each state.

What are some of the best places you’ve been fishing?

At age 16, I did a 10 day float and fly fishing adventure in Alaska.  I’ve been to Belize once and I had a great time but my favorite river is right here in my own backyard, the St.Joe River, Idaho.

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