Tell us who you are and a little bit about yourself?

My name is Rashelle Stetman, I am a professional Artist based in San Diego, CA. I love fishing, hanging with my dog and creating artwork for myself and clients. My life is building my art business- from custom art to gallery shows I live and breath bringing ideas to paper and creating masterpieces. 

How long have you been fly fishing?

I have been fly fishing for about a year. I grew up in Steamboat Springs, CO and have been fishing since I was a kid but had never tried Fly Fishing. Since trying it last summer, I am totally hooked. Get it!?

What inspired you to want to make fishing based artwork?

The joy fishing bring me is something I have yet to find anywhere else. No person or place brings me that sense of comfort and peacefulness. There is something about being on the water in the wild that gets me so stoked. We forget that feeling living our everyday lives and fishing feels like you’re getting away from that. It’s so good for the soul, especially when you catch a fish. The way I fish is gentle and kind (I like to think), allowing the fish to glide through my hands as I release it back into the river. It’s a really amazing moment for the fish and I to have. They see that humans can be kind, that we respect nature and it doesn’t always have to be about the fish to eat kind of thing.

Do you tie flies? If you do, what is your favorite fly to tie?

I haven’t tied my own flies yet, but would really love to get into that craft soon! It’s such an art! I recently started drawing cool flies for flash sheets though and love it! 

Do you have a favorite medium when making fishing based art? 

Yes, I really love colored pencil for anything that brings in color or Micron Pen.

What is your favorite piece of angling art you have made so far and why?

I love this fishing Illustration I did about a year ago of a brown trout. It says “See You by The River” and it just has good vibes and I had a lot of fun creating it!

Do you have a favorite place to fish? 

I loved fishing around different parts of my hometown in Steamboat Springs, CO. A friend of mine is a fishing guide and he took me to some really cool spots that they do tours at. 

What is your most memorable catch? 

The most memorable catch was the first catch on a fly rod. I lost my s***. It’s so exciting because it requires such a strategy and you really have to work the fish in allowing it to struggle and tire it out. So different than normal fishing in that way so the pride was real that day! I couldn’t believe I actually caught it!

How can people keep in touch or follow your work? 

On instagram, facebook or my website. I take custom art orders often and love working with new clients and companies! 

IG: @rashelle_stetman


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