The Classic | Rod Vault Fly | Round 4

$499.00 $299.99

Available for pre-ordering

March 1st we launched Round 4 of Rod Vault pre-orders set to ship in August 2017!

Now, when you purchase your Rod Vault in “Round 4” you can rest assured that they will start shipping (In the order we receive them) August of 2017… If not sooner! There are a limited number available in “Round 4” for our super-low price of $299.99. This round of pre-sells will help us bring many of our parts manufacturing back in 2017 as well! This will help us bring back even more jobs! To learn more about our reasons for only pre-selling this year, please visit “Our Story” and we’ll fill you in! Thanks Everyone! You’re our heroes! We bet on you, and it was the best decision we could have made! 

The Classic Rod Vault Fly is, BY FAR, the #1 selling fly rod carrier on the market IN the world! With thousands sold worldwide and raving fans and reviews we couldn't be prouder! Built from the very highest quality aircraft grade aluminum and insanely tough polycarbonate, The Classic Rod Vault Fly will ensure security and superior protection for your best fly fishing rods on all your fishing trips!