#FlyGalFriday Featured Angler Heidi OwensYour name or any nicknames you have?

Heidi, Heidismalls 

Where are you at in the world? Where will you be fishing this year?

I live with my family in Wilson, Wy. This summer we will be sticking around and fishing our home waters with a few trips to Montana, Idaho, and various rivers around Wyoming. 

What river(s) and lake(s) do you guide/fish? 

We are fortunate enough to live in one of the most epic fly fishing destinations on God’s Green Earth. We have the Snake River a 5 minute bike ride away and definitely our most frequently visited river. We also  primarily fish the Gros Ventre, Green, Hoback, Madison, Gallatin, South Fork, and various lakes and tributaries in the area. 

#FlyGalFriday Featured Angler Heidi OwensHow long have you been guiding/fly fishing? 

5 years fly fishing, not guiding… yet! ?

What got you into fly fishing? When did you start? 

Sticking to true Heidi form, my start to fishing was just as unconventional as much of my life tends to be. Being the crafty natured person I am, I first became interested in tying flies. I didn’t have a vise or any real tying materials so I would tie up wooly buggers and other couch lint concoctions on a vicescripts and C-clamp. Finally, when I found an old neglected rod in the back of my “new” 1986 Toyota pick up, I knew it was meant to be. I asked every angler friend I knew to take me out fishing but none of them were interested in taking out a girl newbie, except my friend (now boyfriend Ty). ?

#FlyGalFriday Featured Angler Heidi OwensAs a woman guide/fly angler, you’re definitely in the minority.  What made you decide to be a guide/angler?  

 I feel like I never really decided to be an angler. I didn’t choose fly fishing, it chose me.

Has the fact you’re a woman ever been an issue with a client (such as them hitting on you or maybe talking down to you?  If so how did you deal with it/them?

Well, yes. When I walk into an unfamiliar fly shop there’s frequently a bit of a chuckle or scoffing when I ask where they keep their kreelex or ice dubbing. But as soon as they realize you’re legit, they back off pretty quickly. My favorite was when I was buying some hackle at a fly shop and they asked me if I was making hair accessories. ?

#FlyGalFriday Featured Angler Heidi OwensDo you think being a woman gives you a different perspective as a guide?  If so, how?

I think being a woman and more specifically a mother has given me a new perspective to fishing. Every day we go out, I seek patience and am constantly encouraged by watching the river through my three year old’s eyes. Teaching August to fish brings a whole new meaning to fishing for me.

#FlyGalFriday Featured Angler Heidi OwensHow can the fly fishing industry and community encourage more women to get involved?

One thing that I would personally love to see is better women’s gear! There aren’t a whole lot of functional/stylish options or sizes for us ladies out there. I would also like to see big fishing companies feature more women anglers in their content. 

#FlyGalFriday Featured Angler Heidi OwensWhat’s your favorite new piece of gear?

After scouring the market for women’s quick dry nylon fishing pants, I picked up a pair of Patagonia Quandary pants and they are GREAT! 

Also really looking forward to trying out my new Emerger Fly Fishing Elkhorn side bag.

#FlyGalFriday Featured Angler Heidi OwensBest catch of all time?

My family is my best catch yet. 

And the realization that fly fishing is about so much more than landing fish.

What’s your “Dream Trip”? 

I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Argentina to try my hand at landing some Southern Hemisphere brown trout. I would also love to try saltwater fishing!

#FlyGalFriday Featured Angler Heidi OwensHow do people get ahold of you for guiding / sponsorship? 

Instagram: the_wild_trout

E-mail: thewildtrout@yahoo.com

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