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"Best rod vault on the market! I could not recommend this product higher.."

Dan Hires - Angler.

Almost A Decade Of Developing The Perfect Product.

Since it’s introduction in 2010, the Denver Outfitters Rod VaultTM has been the gold standard for fly fisherman to maximize their time fishing and protect their gear.

Developed in Colorado by those that live to fish, the Rod Vault has always been about more than just transporting your gear. It's purpose built to ensure you get more time fishing. From the highest grade aluminum tubes to the inner lining that protects your gear to ease of installation to the simplicity of loading and unloading, we've continuously innovated and upgraded to give anglers the best possible experience doing what they love.

While many others have tried to replicate--or outright copy--the Rod VaultTM, nothing compares to the quality, durability and advanced engineering that comes from almost a decade of design, experience and listening to anglers.

When It's Something You Love, Only The Best Will Do.

As anglers, we're passionate about finding that perfect spot. Dirt roads, long hikes, unpredictable weather. We do whatever it takes. And, well, sometimes the unexpected happens.

The fisherman in the image above got a little more than his share of the unexpected. Thankfully, he walked away unharmed. With his gear in the Denver Outfitters Rod Vault, not a rod was broken. He and his gear lived to fish another day. Now the vehicle on the other hand...

Fly fisherman make incredible investments in their passion. Owning the best to secure that investment is the only thing that makes sense. You'd never buy a knock off rod or reel. Buy the industry standard to transport and protect them.

"What a GREAT product!!"

"I'm a fly fishing guide on the Upper Delaware River and couldn't imagine a day without it. I get to the river and off we go; no putting rod's together or rigging this or that up. My clients are able to spend more quality time fishing. I'm hoping to get another one for the other side of my 4Runner."

Justin Lyle 

Professional Guide

"Unbelievable product, unbelievable service!..."

"The rod vault is the single best piece of fishing equipment I've purchased! Saves amazing amount of time and gets you on the water fast, rigged up and ready to go! Kind of fun to watch your buddies fight over the third spot when there's four of us! I've had it in golf ball size hail. $5000 in damages to the truck, not a mark on the rod vault! Yes, the rod vault is the first thing I checked. Can't say enough!"

Matthew Summitt
Recreational Angler

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