We’ve launched our Black Friday sale early and with this AMAZING deal on the Rod Vault PRO Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier we’re hoping lots of fly fisherman are getting a brand new Rod Vault this Christmas. Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the fly fisherman in your life isn’t always easy. With hundreds of products out there and so many of them made by top end high quality fly fishing gear companies searching for the right one for the fly fisher in your life can be a challenge! With this post we hope to give you a little more of a detailed look into the Rod Vault and hopefully convince you that it is one of the best fly fishing Christmas Gifts that you can buy!

We’ve heard from thousands of fly fisherman about how valuable their gear is to them and why safety and security are necessary considerations when buying a rooftop fly rod carrier ! Just this weekend we did a survey about how much money the average angler has invested in fly fishing gear. Within minutes hundreds had responded with over 90% of them saying they have over $1,500 in gear. With so much money invested in fly fishing rods and reels it’s a no brainer that quality and security are such huge factors for our customers.

We believe the Rod Vault PRO is the best rooftop fly rod carrier on the market. Heres a little bit more about why.


The TRV-PRO reel housing is manufactured using the highest quality polycarbonate resins and will accomodate reels up to an 8 weight and 10.5 feet in length. The reel housing also features an industrial strength locking system that comes with two keys.

The polycarbonate clamps not only offer a strong and effective way of attaching your TRV-PRO rooftop fly rod carrier to the cross members of your roof rack mounting system, but they are also built so you can lock the clamps to your cross members by using a small padlock (not included).


Built from the very highest quality aircraft grade aluminium and high quality Polycarbonate our rooftop fly rod carriers will hold up to any abuse you can put them through. All our products also feature a medical grade nylon protective insert on the inside of the tubes, which will protect your gear from scuffs and rattles during all of your adventure.


Let’s not forget that our rooftop fly rod carrier looks good! The Titan Rod Vault fly rod carrier delivers both style performance in a sleek and aerodynamic design you’ll be proud to have on your vehicle. And the best part is no more snags on car upholstery, broken fly rods, damaged reels, or wasted time on the river bank rigging up your gear.

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