My name is Alan Peak, I am a fly fisherman, college student, veteran, and dad based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  About three years ago I made a life change, Ijoined the Tiny House Movement.  

A Tiny House, if you do not know, is defined as a house that is generally less than 500 sqft.  It is a movement sparked from increased housing prices and general change in mindsets over time.  My house is 200 sqft, has two sleeping lofts, a full kitchen and bathroom.  I am hooked up to a 50 amp electrical service that provides far more energy than I need on a cold Colorado night.  When I come home from fishing, I am met with a hot shower from my instantaneous water heater.  One small drawback, but I share with others in my neighborhood is water, I have to truck in my water.  But this keeps my water usage minimal, something I am proud of.  I use half the water of the average person in the United States. I have a one Spotify song rule at my house.  

I built my house with my family as a result of a few changes in my life.  I had served in the Army, and then transitioned into guiding on the South Platte River.  Years of covering up issues from my military service with medication had finally caught up with me.  So, in order to beat the medication, find sleep, find solace, and to find my peace - we began building a dream of mine that I had for years.

The plan was to work all day with my dad building my fly fishing tiny house, of which I was going to guide out of.  I would wake up early, work hard, come home and be fed a good meal by my loving mother.  I was too beat to worry, I felt “in the now” and excited about the future - I slowly beat the medicines that I was needing more and more of.  The outcome would be a place that was mine, that wasn’t expensive, and would allow me more free time to enjoy life and worry less.

The next year, after my project was complete, I came back to the South Platte River to guide.  I would be lying to you if I told you that this troutbum was happy.  What I found on the river I was not excited about.  Something many will not point out: The commercial guiding permitting system is broken in Colorado.  This is why the most public waters are so crowded.  If guides had more access, they wouldn’t be looking at your water. 

So, after October of that year I happily handed in my resignation to guiding after six seasons.  This was disappointing, but I really felt as though it was good.  This allowed me to shift my focus on what I wanted to do.  College, creeks, speaking, and advocacy.

For the last couple years I have kept my personal fishing to the smaller waters.  I have specifically been fishing spots on Pikes Peak.  I am amazed by the diversity of water and species that can be found there.  Everyone from the beginner to the most advanced can find an interesting corner to find themselves on Pikes Peak.  David Leinweiber, leader of Anglers Covey and avid creeker, was just touting his favorite corner of Pikes Peak at a recent Centennial Trout Unlimited meeting.  I am here to tell you Pikes Peak is the sleeper some of you bums have been looking for. I’ve had a little extra time to poke around because of my lifestyle.

In the future I want to advocate for the reopening of Severy Creek.  It is a sister creek to Bear Creek and was once thought to hold Greenback Cutthroat trout.  After 15 years of a temporary closure, the trout that exists there is known not to be genetically unique.  The major erosion issues from the Pikes Peak highway above have been controlled, and Rocky Mountain Field Institute as well as Trout Unlimited has oversight on the creek in question. 

In the future I want to advocate for the cleaning and restoration of Fountain Creek in Colorado Springs.  Have you fished it?  You many be surprised…..

In the future you will not find me on Deckers, Cheeseman, Eleven Mile or the Dream.  You will find me on an unknown trickle of water, with my friends, rejoicing to be alive.

With Love,

Alan (@flyfishingtinyhouse)

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