Mandy Hertzfeld #FlyGalFriday

Fly fishing is life.  Everyone always asks, “How did you learn to fly fish?” The story starts like this: I’m one of 5 children who grew up in the small rural community of Waterville, Ohio. Some of my greatest childhood memories are camping with my family and spending the whole day fishing. My dad made

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Bryce Etter: Fresh and Clean

In this episode, Jill is joined by guest host Patrick Murphy to interview Bryce Etter, an advocate to keep our waters clean.

Show Notes:

Bone Fish & Tarpon Trust 

Poonfecta 2017

Sewage Dumps in Tampa Bay

River Clean Up Location/Events 

Brighton Anglers – River Cleanup

Now or Neverglades 

Captains for Clean Water 

Senate Bill 10 Passes in FL

Fed Up Documentary about Sugar Consumption 

Bill Jacksons Fly Shop – Bryce’s home fly shop as a kid