Karin Miller: Tenkara Superwoman


In this episode, Jill and Cort interview a lovely Tenkara SUPERWOMAN.

Show Notes:

Karin’s Company Website:http://www.mountainangler.com


Wikipedia Tenkara Overview:


Article Karin was featured in on Traditional vs. “Americanized” Tenkara:


Zen Fly Fishing Facebook w/ Patagonia trip pictures:


Certified Guides for Tenkara at 5280 Angler:


Zen’s YouTube Channel:


Robert Knight Photography – Photographer we will work on a project with


Dog Sledding Tour Cortland References:


Amazon Angler:


James Thull: Archiving Angling

In this weeks podcast we had an opportunity to talk to James Thull who is a Special Collections Librarian at Montana State University. They are working on an angling oral history project, and have a print project with tons of resources on trout and salmonoids as well. The resources are public to everyone and you can find the link to the project in the show notes! We talk about everything from off the grid living, where his travels have taken him, why getting information from reliable sources is important, and even dive into some deeper topics!


Show Links

Montana State University Angling Oral History Project 

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Tiger Fish 

Bud Lilly

Yellow Dog Fly Fishing 

Millennials in National Parks 

Tips & Tricks: Preparation

Tips & Tricks: Preparation

Fly fishing guides Ben and Jeremy of 5280 Angler give us a breakdown of how they prepare for fishing trips. It is important to prepare ahead of time so that you get more time on the water! So, pack your lunch, pack the car, and  pre-rig your rods & pop them in the rod vault and enjoy your time on the water! Check out the video below!