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The Rod Vault PRO

The Rod Vault PRO is the #1 selling fly rod carrier on the market with thousands sold worldwide! Built from the very highest quality aircraft grade aluminum and high quality Polycarbonate, The Rod Vault PRO will ensure security and superior protection for your best fly fishing rods on all your fishing trips!

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The Rod Vault means

for your fly rods!

The Basics

The Rod Vault PRO is our original workhorse fly fishing rod carrier. Built from the very highest quality aircraft grade aluminum and high quality Polycarbonate resins which means the Rod Vault will ensure security and superior protection for your best fly fishing rods and reels on all your fishing trips! It’s the rooftop fly fishing rod carrier that will guarantee you spend more time fly fishing! Don’t go fly fishing without your Rod Vault rooftop fly fishing rod carrier.

Whether you are a pro fly fishing guide or just a hardcore angler, this fly fishing rod carrier should be your next fly fishing purchase.

Designed, manufactured and shipped from Denver, Colorado, the Rod Vault PRO gives you the ability to carry up to 3 fully assembled fly rods up to 10.5 feet in length conveniently on the top of any vehicle.

A Few More Details

All our products feature a medical grade nylon protective insert on the inside of the aluminum tubes, which will protect your fly rods from getting scuffed and rattled while traveling rooftop in your Rod Vault.

The Rod Vault PRO reel housing is manufactured using the highest quality polycarbonate resins and will accommodate reels up to an 8 weight (4.5 inch diameter) and rods up to 10.5 feet in length. The reel housing also features an industrial strength locking system that comes with two keys.

The polycarbonate clamps not only offer a strong and effective way of attaching your Rod Vault PRO rooftop fly rod carrier unit to the cross members of your roof rack mounting system, but they are also built so you can lock the clamps to your cross members by using a small padlock (not included).

At Denver Outfitters our rooftop fly rod holders deliver style, performance and the added convenience of being able to rig up your rods the night before your trip, put them in your TRV-PRO, lock it down, and get on your way as early as possible for the fullest day of fishing. Or better yet keep your rods and reels ready to go all year long for fishing at a moments notice!

No more snags on car upholstery, broken fly rods, damaged reels, or wasted time on the river bank rigging up your gear. It’s time to make the most of your fishing days – you’ve earned it!

  • Connector.

    Tools You Need

    The only tools necessary to mount the Rod Vault are 1/4”, 7/32” and 4mm hex or allen wrenches.

  • Connector.

    Vehicle Requirements

    The roof rack crossbars to which the Rod Vault can be mounted can be up to 3.5” wide and up to 1.5” thick. In addition, the separation between the crossbars should, ideally, be a minimum of 34”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although a spinning rod may fit in the unit, we would advise against it based on the Rod Vault being designed for fly rods. We are currently working on a version for spinner rods that will be out soon!

It holds fly rods up to 10.5 feet and the reel housing will accommodate reels up to an 8 weight in most cases (a max diameter of 4.5 inches).

The TRV is designed to protect your rods & reels from breakages and scuffs. Read some of our reviews to find out just how secure our product is!

We advise checking your clamps every 100 miles, or after driving in off-road situations.

Rod Vaults come standard with a 1 year warranty for parts based on normal usage. But we also offer an extended 3 & 5 year replacement warranty for an additional cost.

New lock and key sets are available for purchase on our website, lost keys are not covered by warranty.

1. The roof rack crossbars to which the Rod Vault can be mounted can be up to 3.5” wide and up to 1.5” thick. In addition, the separation between the crossbars should, ideally, be a minimum of 34”.

2. Vehicles with hatchbacks/liftgates:
It’s important to mount the Rod Vault far enough forward on the vehicle roof rack that the hatchback/liftgate does not hit/contact the back of the reel housing. For this reason many customers have asked if they can place both of the mounting clamps on the reel housing section of the Rod Vault. While this is not the optimal installation, we’ve had many customers who have mounted their 
Rod Vaults this way with no reports of problems.

Yes! We sell a variety of vinyl wrap to customize the aluminum tubes to create a look that’s unique to you!
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Five Star Reviews!

To say Georgia Tech football struggled this year would be understatement but when a stadium chair got thrown in the back of my F150 and snapped my new Trout rod in half it made it worse. I searched on the internet and came up with Denver Outfitters and the Rod Vault. Now that my Rod Vault is installed on my Yakima rack I do not have to worry about that ever happening again. My rod and reel are ready to go and I will get to spend even more time on the River fishing. Plus all locked up and secure. 2016 is going to be a great year trout fishing. Maybe the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will come around also!

-Jeffrey M. Hammen Upper Chattahoochee Chapter Trout Unlimited, Communications Chairman

I’m an avid Fly Fisherman who fishes about 30 days a year all over the southwest. On one of my trips to southern Colorado my guide Spencer Seim had one on his Toyota 4 Runner I was instantly smitten. I asked him about it and he raved about how much time it saves him plus I think it just adds some swagger to any vehicle. I knew I had to get one. This Christmas I pulled the trigger and couldn’t be happier. Before the Rod Vault was sent I got a call from someone who asked me if I needed it rushed before Christmas I was instantly impressed by the customer service. No more rods bent over my back seats hoping something wont shift and snap my fly rods. I love this thing. I’m not handy and after watching your video installation was a breeze. I have 5 trips booked this year from New Mexico to Montana I can’t wait to put some miles on my Rod Vault. The Rod Vault is a must for any true angler who cares about their equipment. For the price of half on one of my fishing outfits I can protect 3 rods and save loads of time. Love It!

-Mike Parisi

“Makes traveling SO EASY! Put my rod(s) together before dealing with the hell known as i70 out of Denver. Best part is if I follow someone in, or not the first car in the parking lot all I know is I just have to out dress the person in front of me, grab my pre assembled rods out of the vault and beat them down to the honey holes. Now that is competitive fishing!”

-Justin Purdy

I’ve had my Rod Vault a few months now and have been very happy with the purchase. The Rod Vault is built incredibly strong and secure and has made my frequent fly fishing trips so convenient. Thanks guys for such a great product.

-Jerry Wilson Danny Barker’s Buffalo City Guide Service

I got my first Rod Vault about a year ago for the convenience of not having to rig up when I got to the river and for travel between holes or rivers. Got my second vault about a month ago because of how impressed I was with the first. I carry a lot of sticks and now I can carry my friends’ and families rods and am not waiting for them rig up. I keep my sticks in them year round, ready to go, whether it’s July or January, I’m always ready to make the most of a fishing day.

The Rod Vault is secure and I’ve never had any worries leaving it parked overnight or in a busy lot loaded with rods. Really easy to install, I can assemble and have it mounted on my truck in under an hour, all tools are supplied, just pop a beer and it’s done by the time you finish it. If you are serious about slinging flies, I highly recommend one, or two.

-Troy Anderson Fort Collins, CO

As a full time saltwater captain the Rod Vault has truly saved me invaluable time. No wasted time rigging and re-rigging rods for customers. I spend over 200 days a year on the water and having my rods with me everywhere I go is no longer a challenge! Thanks Denver Outfitters for a great product!

-Capt. Seth Vernon Wilmington, NC

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